Counter Culture's Slow Motion Organic Decaf Coffee is a testament to the roastery's commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of decaffeinated brews.

Situated in the heart of Durham, North Carolina, Counter Culture has been at the forefront of sustainable and high-quality coffee production, and their Slow Motion Organic Decaf is no exception. Crafted with meticulous care, this Swiss Water Decaf stands as a beacon for those seeking the depth and complexity of coffee without the caffeine.

V60 Brewing Notes:

Slow Motion Organic Decaf Coffee transcends the conventional expectations of decaffeinated coffee, offering an experience reminiscent of the famed Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. When brewed using the V60 method, this coffee unfolds layers of fragrant notes that are both inviting and intricate. Initial sips reveal a surprising burst of fresh fruitiness, with watermelon notes leading the sensory journey, enhanced by subtle hints of honey.

As the coffee cools, it gracefully transitions, unveiling a nuanced undertone of raisins. This decaf encourages a leisurely sipping, inviting coffee enthusiasts to appreciate its complexity and depth. For those seeking to amplify its intensity, a slight increase in the coffee-to-water ratio is recommended, enriching the overall tasting experience.

AeroPress Brewing Notes:

Counter Culture's Slow Motion Organic Decaf offers a unique experience when brewed with an AeroPress. The result is unexpectedly gentle, akin to a robust tea, brimming with vibrant citrusy nuances.

However, this method highlights a slight drawback - the brew appears somewhat thin in body, lacking in mouthfeel and the fullness one might expect from a more traditional coffee. Despite this, the AeroPress brew retains a charm of its own, though it seems the V60 method better captures the essence and depth of this decaf blend.

Decaffeinated coffee often carries the stigma of being a lesser counterpart to its caffeinated brethren. However, Counter Culture's approach to decaf, particularly with Slow Motion, challenges this notion head-on​​. The roastery selects high-quality beans, akin to those used in their caffeinated offerings, ensuring that the decaf process does not compromise the coffee's inherent flavours. The Swiss Water Process, celebrated for its chemical-free approach to caffeine removal, preserves the coffee's soul, allowing drinkers to savour it for its taste rather than the kick.

Slow Motion Organic Decaf Coffee by Counter Culture is more than just a decaffeinated brew; it's a celebration of coffee craftsmanship and a testament to the possibilities within the realm of decaf coffee. Whether enjoyed in the tranquillity of an afternoon break or as a sophisticated after-dinner treat, it offers a moment of pause, a chance to savour coffee in its nuanced glory, devoid of haste.

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Counter Culture Slow Motion Medium Roast Decaffeinated Coffee

February 27, 2024 — Guy Wilmot

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