For too long, decaf coffee has often been denounced by coffee connoisseurs - and for good reason. The decaf process is expensive and roasteries traditionally used the cheapest grades of coffees to lower prices.

The result: If you put in bad coffee, you will get bad coffee...

Not here. We have taken the highest quality single origin coffees, gently decaffeinated using the premium Swiss Water Process, then slowly flame roasted in small batches creating decaf perfection in a cup that’s truly decadent. 

Our aim is to offer the finest decaffeinated coffee - whether it's whole bean decaf or ground decaffeinated coffee for cafetiere, filter, aeropress, V60 or espresso.

Established in 2015 by four British coffee importing and roasting experts — Guy, Richard, Greg, and Laura — Decadent Decaf emerged from a shared frustration with the substandard selection of decaffeinated coffees on the market and a firm resolution to address this shortfall.

As seasoned professionals in the coffee industry, with sixty years of experience between us we were well-acquainted with the finer nuances of coffee roasting and were determined to elevate the standard of decaf coffee available to the British public.

Operating from our quaint roastery just a stone's throw from the sea in West Sussex, we meticulously roast a carefully curated selection of seven decaffeinated coffees, alongside the occasional special guest coffee throughout the year.

This ensures that our coffee is never left lingering "on the shelf", guaranteeing the delivery of exceptionally fresh, decaffeinated coffee to your doorstep each week.

Decaffeinated coffee, historically, has been the overlooked and underappreciated member of the coffee family, often dismissed for its lacklustre flavour profile. This neglect can largely be attributed to the industry's reliance on chemical solvents in the decaffeination process, resulting in a product that was often weak, tasteless, or harshly bitter.

Additionally, the decaffeination process itself is notably costly, leading to the use of lower quality beans — frequently those left over from previous harvests — to maintain lower price points, perpetuating the cycle of inferior decaffeinated coffee.

However, the tide has significantly turned, thanks to advancements such as the Swiss Water Process. This innovative method eschews the use of chemicals, instead utilising only water to meticulously extract caffeine, ensuring that the beans retain their unique flavour profiles and are 99.9% caffeine-free. This process not only respects the integrity of the coffee bean but also preserves its distinct origin characteristics and flavour notes.

Decadent Decaf is at the forefront of a decaffeinated coffee revolution, championing the cause of premium-quality, health-conscious, and sumptuously flavourful decaffeinated coffee. Roasted in small batches along the picturesque southern coastline of England, our decaf coffee is the epitome of freshness.

Our mission is clear: to redefine the decaffeinated coffee experience and advocate for the exceptional quality and taste that decaf coffee can offer. It's time decaf coffee shed its unfavourable reputation and be recognised for the delicious, healthful beverage it can be.

Best wishes

Guy, Richard, Laura, Greg and the Team

Decadent Decaf Coffee Company