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8 x 500g Bulk Discount Decaf Espresso Beans for Cafes/Restaurants and Decafoholics


Decadent Decaf Coffee Company Swiss Water Decaf 8 x 500g Bulk Discount Decaf Espresso Beans for Cafes/Restaurants and Decafoholics


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We currently supply a number of cafes with Swiss Water Decaf Signature Espresso beans, but we thought we would make it easier by making this fantastic decaffeinated espresso available online for cafes, restaurants or die hard decaf drinkers!

8 x 500g Bags Signature Espresso Swiss Water Decaf Beans - £85.00 including UK Delivery.

Signature Espresso Decaf Coffee Cupping Notes

We are very proud of our signature decaffeinated espresso blend. What makes this blend stand out is that it packs a flavourful punch and produces a great créma. The old-fashioned approach to decaffeinated espresso was to take whatever you had lying around.

Not this blend. It is a labour of love combining beans from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Rwanda. This espresso blend produces a creamy and rich cup, silky mouthfeel and soft cocoa notes.


**Great Taste Award 2015 Winner**

**Great Taste Award 2017 Winner**

Our Signature Espresso Blend has won a Great Taste Award twice!

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For more information about our Swiss Water Decaf coffee, we have a wealth of information across the site including our Decaf Coffee Blog.

Raw green bean available for home roasting. Find this option on this page's dropdown list of grind options.

UK Shipping

£3.99 UK Shipping Rate. Free UK Shipping on orders over £35.00. 

International Shipping

We are delighted to ship our freshly roasted decafs to you anywhere in the world.

Previously, we offered shipping via the website, but we found that a) there was quite a high rate of lost deliveries by standard airmail and b) we were tending to undercharge/overcharge customers for shipping overseas. As a result, we have removed shipping option internationally from the website.

If you would like to place an order for international shipment, please email us with your order and we will give you a bespoke quote for a tracked mail delivery, so that you receive the coffee guaranteed and at the right price.

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