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Why Drink Decaf?

Traditionally decaffeinated coffee has been a dirty word in the coffee world. Back in the 1970s, it had a bad reputation as tasting bitter and being full of chemicals.

Even today, most roasters are not passionate about decaf coffee perhaps because they have not encountered good quality decaf green beans.

One needs only to try most decaf coffees currently on the market and you can taste this lack of passion or innovation. Roasters typically list decaf because they feel they have to do so...

This is for historical reasons: decaf coffee was traditionally produced by using chemical solvents and the result was weak, insipid or bitter coffee. As a result of this, decaf coffee was commoditised into a low quality coffee “product”.

At the same time, the decaffeination process is expensive and so, to keep the prices down, low quality coffees (often old coffee from past crops) were used.

The result: if you put bad coffee in, you’ll get bad coffee out.

Fast forward a few decades and it’s all changed. The decaffeination process, such as the Swiss Water Process, gently removes the caffeine and leaves the coffee flavours in the bean.

A few leading coffee pioneers around the world are using high quality green coffee beans for decaffeination.

In short, decaf’s moment has come. Decadent Decaf wants to reinvent decaf and spread the word of great chemical-free decaf coffee!

Indeed, there are a number of benefits to drinking decaf coffee:

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