365 Whole Foods Market Buzz Free Decaf Coffee presents a unique option for those looking to enjoy coffee without the caffeine – particularly since it’s both organic and Swiss Water Process decaf, which is quite hard to find.

The beans are 100% Arabica, contributing to the coffee's well-rounded flavour profile, and with its organic certification, this decaf coffee supports sustainable farming practices and ensures no harmful pesticides or chemicals were used in its production​​.

V60 Notes:

Welcome to Marlboro Country - overpowering smokiness and woodiness, only really for milky drinks, almost no sweetness or acidity, and bitter mouthfeel, but for the strong coffee obsessives, this might be the one for you!

AeroPress Notes:

For those who like their coffee super strong – this is for you – earthy and ashy, a touch of astringency in the mouth, very bold – we can only envisage this served with milk.

So, it does have a smooth and flavourful taste – if you appreciate its boldness and richness without the caffeine. The organic and pesticide-free nature of the coffee, along with its potential health benefits due to the antioxidants present, adds to its appeal​​.

Despite its positives, some may find this decaf coffee less robust compared to regular coffee, and it may not suit those looking for a strong caffeine kick. However, it stands as a great choice for anyone wanting to reduce their caffeine intake while still enjoying the taste and aroma of a good cup of coffee​​​​.

Also, for those on a budget, the Buzz Free decaf ground coffee from 365 Whole Foods Market is great value for Swiss Water Decaf Organic coffee to be honest and offers a mellow cup and the organic certification make it a commendable choice for those seeking organic decaf coffee.

Click here to buy 365 Whole Foods Market Buzz Free Decaf Coffee in the USA.



February 29, 2024 — Guy Wilmot

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