Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated Coffee blend, a mix of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta beans, is decaffeinated using the CO2 process, ensuring that the essence and depth of flavour are preserved without the use of chemicals. This method retains some of the vibrant taste profiles one would expect from a traditional espresso, sans the caffeine​​​​.

The CO2 decaffeination process uses highly pressurized carbon dioxide to selectively remove caffeine while leaving the beans' flavourful compounds intact. This approach is lauded for its naturalness and efficiency, though it comes at a higher cost, so we think that’s why Lavazza have chosen to use 40% robusta in order to reduce costs and keep a competitive price on the retail shelf.

V60 Notes:

Not a complex coffee, but you don’t buy Lavazza for complexity – we did pick up on some Almond sweetness. As an Arabica-Robusta blend, it has some toasted popcorn flavour from the Robusta content. It’s a classic espresso profile and very consistent.

Aeropress Notes:

Better in the Aeropress, as expected - sweet marzipan aroma, slight papery taste, but classically Italian - good with milk – and very smooth. Good as an everyday office decaf coffee. Sweet notes of dried fruits and brown sugar, leading to a slightly floral aftertaste. The inclusion of both Arabica and Robusta beans ensures a balanced flavour with a pleasant aroma, contributing to its distinction as one of the best decaf options for espresso enthusiasts​​​​ at this budget price.

The versatility of Lavazza Dek is further highlighted through its suitability for various brewing methods, including traditional espresso machines, drip coffee makers, and even ESE pods for those seeking convenience without compromise on quality.

This adaptability, coupled with the blend's rich crema and authentic taste, underscores Lavazza's prowess in delivering a decaffeinated coffee that can genuinely satisfy the discerning palates of espresso aficionados​​​​. By balancing the robustness of Robusta with the smoothness of Arabica, all while employing a decaffeination process that respects the bean's natural flavours, Lavazza Dek offers a decaffeinated coffee experience that rivals, and in some aspects surpasses, its caffeinated counterparts.

Whether enjoyed in a classic Italian Bialetti moka stove pot, through a V60 pour-over, or an Aeropress, Lavazza Dek provides a consistently rich and flavourful cup, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the essence of Italian espresso without the caffeine at an affordable price.

To buy Lavazza Decaffeinated Coffee in the USA, click here.

Lavazza Deka Decaffeinated Coffee


March 01, 2024 — Guy Wilmot

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