Kauai Coffee's Hawaii Kona Decaf reveals a captivating blend that, despite containing only 10% Hawaiian Kona beans, delivers a surprising depth and complexity of flavour, especially when considering its decaffeinated nature. This coffee's versatility across both V60 and AeroPress brewing methods adds to its appeal, offering distinct profiles through each method.

V60 Brewing Notes:

For the V60 brewing, the coffee exhibits a sweet aroma with classic Kona characteristics, including winey, dark cherry fruit notes. This is particularly remarkable given the minimal Kona content, presenting a light body with an emphasis on higher acidity and sweetness. This balance makes it stand out, especially when compared to other decaf options like the Onyx decaf, positioning it as a favourite for daily enjoyment.

Aeropress Brewing Notes:

Switching to AeroPress, the coffee takes on a heavier profile, aligning more closely with traditional Kona coffee attributes. The brew tastes like a darker roast, suitable for consumption with milk, and unfolds flavours of almonds, blackberry, and milk chocolate. The resulting longer mouthfeel and well-developed rounded flavour highlight its versatility and broad appeal, even though it might not satisfy those in search of a robust dark roast.

Kauai Coffee's commitment to quality and sustainability shines through in its decaf offerings. The coffee is Swiss Water Processed, ensuring a chemical-free decaffeination method that retains the coffee's natural flavors and aromas​​. Kauai Coffee, as Hawaii's largest coffee grower, emphasizes sustainable farming practices, from the cultivation of coffee in rich volcanic soil to its meticulous roasting and packaging processes, ensuring that each cup delivers the consistency and excellence customers expect​​.

The company's history, transitioning from McBryde Sugar Company to Kauai Coffee in 1987, and its recovery after Hurricane Iniki in 1992, underscore its resilience and dedication to producing high-quality coffee​​. The expertise of roast masters like Mike Shimatsu and Jorge DeLeon further guarantees the meticulous care taken in the coffee's production, from roasting to cupping and quality assurance​​.

In summary, the Kauai Coffee Hawaii Kona Decaf offers a delightful and versatile coffee experience, combining the unique flavours of Hawaiian Kona with the health and environmental benefits of Swiss Water Process decaffeination and sustainable farming practices. Whether through a V60 or AeroPress, this decaf coffee proves to be a superb choice for those seeking a quality decaf option.

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Hawaii Kauai Decaf Coffee


February 28, 2024 — Guy Wilmot

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