The Eight O'Clock Coffee Original Decaf reveals a pleasantly surprising decaf coffee that defies initial expectations. Despite its somewhat outdated packaging and the initial unfamiliarity with the brand, this decaf coffee delivers a commendably smooth experience with a variety of flavours that cater to different brewing methods.

V60 Brewing Notes:

For those who prefer the V60 brewing method, this coffee is described as uncomplicated yet satisfying, offering a smooth taste with a hint of light acidity characteristic of a medium-dark roast.

The flavour profile includes blackcurrant and caramel notes, making it a highly drinkable option for everyday consumption in an office setting. It's not ground-breaking, but it's certainly a cut above the average decaf coffee.

Aeropress Brewing Notes:

Switching to the AeroPress method, the coffee seems to align even more harmoniously with expectations of a classic decaf, presenting a symphony of smoothness.

The flavours become more pronounced, with notes of nuts and maple syrup, and maintaining that signature smoothness throughout. This makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a consistently smooth and classic decaf coffee experience.

It's worth noting that while the exact decaffeination process wasn't specified on the package, there's speculation that it might be the Swiss Water Process, given the quality of flavour retention despite the decaffeination. However, this detail remains unconfirmed directly from the brand's information​​​​.

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Eight O'Clock Decaf Coffee


February 28, 2024 — Guy Wilmot

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