Lifeboost's Swiss Water Decaf Coffee stands out for its unique attributes and brewing versatility, catering to both V60 filter and AeroPress enthusiasts.

This coffee distinguishes itself through a deep roast level, despite being labelled as a medium decaf roast, which is somewhat darker than one might expect for a decaffeinated coffee. This characteristic doesn't detract from its adaptability and rich taste profile across different brewing methods.

V60 Brewing Notes:

For those who prefer the V60 brewing method, Lifeboost's decaf coffee offers subtle taste profiles with minimal bitterness, enriched with notes of amaretto cherry and raisin.

These are complemented by a smooth underlying sweetness, enhancing the coffee's complexity and providing an extended palate sensation. To achieve a more intense coffee experience, it's recommended to adjust the coffee-to-water ratio upward during brewing.

Aeropress Brewing Notes:

Switching to the AeroPress, the coffee's profile shifts towards a more pronounced fruit and berry sweetness, intertwined with delightful hints of caramel.

This brew is noted for its exceptional smoothness, virtually devoid of any bitterness, and presents a certain boldness while maintaining a prolonged palate sensation. This makes it an exemplary choice for decaf lovers who prefer a lighter touch without venturing into the robustness of a dark roast.

Lifeboost's commitment to quality is evident in their meticulous approach to coffee production. Their coffee is single-origin, grown in South America, and benefits from being shade-grown at high altitudes, which enhances its nutrient density and flavour.

Additionally, their coffee undergoes third-party testing for mycotoxins to ensure purity and safety. The beans are also roasted to order, meaning they arrive fresh without the need for vacuum sealing, thanks to the inclusion of a one-way valve in the packaging that allows the coffee to degas while minimizing oxidative degradation​​​​.

Lifeboost's Swiss Water Decaf Coffee embodies the brand's dedication to health, taste, and sustainability. While it might come at a premium price, the quality, health benefits, and ethical sourcing practices could make it a worthwhile investment for those particularly sensitive to acidity or looking for an organic, low-acid coffee option that doesn't compromise on flavour​​.

Buy Lifeboost Swiss Water Decaf Coffee in the USA here.

Lifeboost Swiss Water Decaf Coffee
February 27, 2024 — Guy Wilmot

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