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When is Macmillan Coffee Morning in 2022?

Macmillan’s Coffee Morning is on Friday, 30th September 2022.

It is the world’s biggest fundraising event to help people facing cancer. Although the date of Macmillan's Coffee Morning is 30h September 2022, you can hold it any time you like.

It is a special event held together to raise awareness regarding, and funds for cancer. People all over the UK, and even in other countries, host their own Coffee Mornings. The donations made on this day are then sent over to Macmillan.

Last year, over £27.5 million were raised. This year, it can be even better with the help of the great and helping people around the world.

Not only is the day exciting and fun, but it is also supporting a great cause. People host these Coffee Mornings that give other people a chance to get together, catch up on life over coffee and cake. 

The money collected is used to save the lives of all those brave warriors facing cancer.

Cancer can be defeated!

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death all over the world costing 9.6 million precious lives each year. There are numerous types of cancer. And despite all the advancements in technology and science, unfortunately, the disease cannot always be combated.


However, through early detection, prevention, and treatment, lives can be saved. Each year, around 3.7 million lives are saved because of this.


How did it all begin?

Let’s take a little tour into the past and see where it all began. Back in 1990, the first-ever Coffee Morning took place. At that time, no one would have thought how successful this event would later turn out to be.


It was a small affair. The idea was fairly simple; people would gather over a cup of coffee and the cost of their cuppa would simply go to Macmillan.


This turned out to be a huge success. So, next year, the event was hosted again. The results were promising. And just like that, it became a trend. To this day, over £275 Million have been raised.

Why is it done?

At the end of the day, it’s the little things that can go a long way. This simple little event is for all of us to take a break from our hectic lives and spend time with each other.


And your one cup of coffee can actually save someone’s life. Can you believe it?


Cancer has become so common that it may affect every one out of two people. Your cup of coffee can actually be lifesaving.


Besides, what is there to lose?


How can you help?

If you wish to play a role in saving lives, you can too. There are two ways you can help: as a host; as a participant.


Hosting a coffee morning:

You can sign up for it on the website. Once you sign up, you will receive a free fundraising kit. The kit comes full of goodies to help you organize your event.


It has bunting, cake decorations, recipes, stickers, a collection box, to name a few items. This goodie keep makes your hosting much easier.


Attend a coffee morning:

Now, if you cannot host a coffee morning, there is no need to be discouraged. You can still play your part in saving lives.


All you have to do is attend a Coffee Morning, spread the word about it, bring some cash with you and socialize at the event. And just like that, you have made a difference. 


All of us wish to make a difference in the world. It is not so hard when you share a common goal. Macmillan’s Coffee Mornings are such events that allow you to help out. It’s simple, convenient, and fun. And despite being so simple, it is a huge contributor in helping warriors face cancer.


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