This is a sneak peak of a decaffeinated coming very soon to Decadent Decaf - in just two weeks:

Lan Estrella Nicaragua Matagalpa Highlands Swiss Water Decaf  is a region renowned for its ideal coffee-growing conditions. Known as the "Pearl of the North" and the "Land of Eternal Spring," Matagalpa benefits from its high elevation, fertile soil and unique cloud forests.

These elements play a significant role in maintaining optimal temperatures and humidity levels, crucial for cultivating high-quality coffee beans. The region's elevation, ranging from 1100 to 1800 metres above sea level, contributes to the development of beans with rich and complex flavours.

The coffee offers a rich profile with notes of creamy toffee and caramel, complemented by fruity undertones of plum and black cherry and subtle hints of citrus. These flavours result in a well-rounded and intricate taste experience that appeals to discerning coffee drinkers.

The Swiss Water Decaf process used to decaffeinate this coffee is a chemical-free method that relies on water, temperature and time to gently remove caffeine from the beans while preserving their distinctive flavours and characteristics.


The high elevation of the Matagalpa Highlands contributes to slower bean maturation, which enhances the development of sugars and more complex flavours.

The region's volcanic soil, rich in nutrients, supports robust coffee plant growth. Furthermore, the consistent climate, with cool temperatures moderated by cloud forests, helps maintain the ideal conditions for growing high-quality Arabica beans.

Nicaragua Decaffeinated Coffee from the Matagalpa Highlands benefits from an exceptional growing environment and a decaffeination process that preserves its complex and nuanced flavour profile, making it a standout choice for decaf coffee lovers. 

We hope you enjoy!

May 14, 2024 — Guy Wilmot

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