According to Coffee & Cocoa International, decaffeinated coffee consumption growth is outstripping that of caffeinated coffee.

In a recent report publish in May 2018, Coffee & Cocoa International stated that in a number of countries, growth in decaf consumption is far higher than for its caffeinated competitor, in particular Japan, South Korea, North America and Northern Europe. The demographics are also changing as decaf becomes more fashionable and popular to younger people.

“In the US and Canada, it’s 18-24 year driving consumption of decaf and the under 40s for Northern Europe and Spain and the people drinking are better educated and higher income consumers.” According to Natalie Dean, Director of Marketing for Swiss Water Decaf.

“Younger consumers are also more concerned about caffeine – in the US, 63 percent of 18-24 year olds say ‘it’s important to limit my caffeine intake’ whilst only 57 percent say ‘coffee wakes me up and gets me going”, continue Natalie Dean, citing recent research statistics from the National Coffee Drinking Trends survey published by the National Coffee Association in the USA.

July 20, 2018 — Guy Wilmot

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