Rejoice rejoice! Coffee – both caffeinated and decaffeinated – is good for you. At least, this is what a large UK study suggests following a recent report by the UK BioBank, as published in the respected JAMA Internal Medicine Journal.

So, what was this study all about?

The scientists tracked the coffee lifestyle of 500,000 UK citizens between the ages of 38 and 73 from 2006 to 2016. They asked them how many cups of coffee they drank per day, including whether it was decaffeinated, ground roast coffee or instant coffee.

And was the results of the study?

This new data suggest that a cup a day — or two or four or eight — may well be good for you.

In short, you had a lower chance of dying during the 10 years the study examined.

The respondents who drank eight cups or more per day saw their death rates cut by 14 percent, and it was raised to 16 percent among those who drank six to seven cups.

And what about decaf vs caffeinated?

The good news is that decaffeinated coffee was just as effective as the caffeinated stuff to help reduce the death rate chances.

'Coffee drinking was inversely associated with mortality, including among those drinking eight or more cups per day,' said Dr Loftfield, who led the Study. 'These findings suggest the importance of non-caffeine constituents in the coffee-mortality association and provide further reassurance that coffee drinking can be a part of a healthy diet.' 

In fact, it’s recommended to drink more decaf coffee because of caffeine’s jittery effects…Imagine drinking 7 or 8 cups of caffeinated coffee? We’d be climbing the walls!

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July 03, 2018 — Guy Wilmot

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