We've just got back from the four-day coffee marathon that is the London Coffee Festival and delighted in enlightening people about the joys of decaf coffee and why decaffeinated coffee's time has really come. 

As usual, there were 2 trade days and 2 consumer days with over 30,000 people attending from all over the world. It really is an international event these days and we met visitors who had come from far and wide to check out the new coffee trends and coffee companies.

If we had to name the most dominant and surprising trends it would be the rise of cold brew coffee, nitro coffee and turmeric teas. A lot of new companies were there with really innovative new products. The big question is will the general public embrace them? Time will tell. 

Our friends at Swiss Water Decaf were also exhibiting and showcasing their range of green single origin Swiss Water Decaf coffees. 

We were lucky to participate in a cupping of our roast Swiss Water Decafs including our Colombian, Kenyan, Indonesian and Ethiopian decafs and were really pleased with the positive reception and surprise from the general public as well as coffee industry veterans!

Many thanks to DR Wakefield importers and Swiss Water Decaf for the opportunity.

April 10, 2017 — Guy Wilmot

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