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Taste Test: Decadent Decaf Coffee



Some families are loyal tea drinkers; in our house there’s only one drink – coffee! When I was pregnant I wasn’t worried about giving up alcohol, or missing cheese, it was the thought of giving up caffeine that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage. I survived it though and that first cup of ‘real’ coffee after little miss was born was THE best I have ever tasted. However, I didn’t take into consideration the effect caffeine would have on little one whilst breastfeeding – it keeps her up even more! So, in search of more sleep, I cut it out of my diet once again. Fast forward over a year and I’m still breastfeeding. As I’m only doing so at night; I am allowing myself one ‘normal’ coffee a day but it’s not the caffeine hit I miss, it’s the taste.


I’m not sure why, but I have always thought of decaf coffee as pointless but desperate to be able to consume more than one mug a day, I decided to expand my horizons and look into the decaf market a bit further. I tried leading brands, grounds and instant, and was beginning to lose hope when I heard about Decadent Decaf; an award winning company specialising in decaf blends. Worth a shot – if you pardon the pun.


I’m pleased to say; I was won over from the moment I took my first sip of the ‘Signature Espresso Blend’. Brewed in our beloved Aeropress for 4 minutes, the result was strong yet smooth with almost velvety tones. And the smell, the rich scent of coffee filled the kitchen, heavenly for a coffee addict. Worried it was a fluke, I made a couple more mugs that day; using the French Press as well as the Aeropress. Each mug had slight differences but they were all delicious. The only negative is that the grounds are slightly too fine for the Aeropress but that is a compromise I’m willing to make for such good flavour.


Moving forward; I’m excited to try more blends in the Decadent family and will be sure to tell all my coffee (and sleep) deprived friends that decaf coffee doesn’t have to mean compromising on taste.

May 28, 2017 — Guy Wilmot

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