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How to make Cold Brew Coffee? The caffeinated or decaffeinated version

How to make Cold Brew Coffee?

What other things to treat yourself in summer with than a rejuvenating cup of iced coffee? If you are craving one and are not sure where to find the good one, the answer is right within you.

That’s right. You can brew yourself the best cold coffee ever.

And no, there is no need to worry about any heavy equipment or barista level skills. You can easily make it at home, and the results are always promising.

Now, here’s a good question.

Why should you brew your coffee at home?

 You call the shots

See, everyone likes their coffee a specific way. And not everyone gets how you like yours. When you make your own coffee, you know exactly what you want and you know exactly how to get there.

If you like it strong or a little diluted, you can make it that way.


In fact, you can actually save a lot of time making your own coffee than getting in line and getting yourself one from a shop. Since cold brew coffee is pre-prepared, you have very little to do in the morning.

Saves Money

We don’t usually notice when we spend money in bits. However, when it comes to the total, we have actually spent quite so much. And by brewing your coffee at home, you save yourself a lot of money.

Benefits of brewing cold coffee

There are a lot of benefits of brewing cold coffee. Let’s look at a few of them:

  • Since you let the mixture infuse slowly, all the great flavor from coffee beans is pulled in the mixture, of course, with the caffeine.
  • This process also leaves behind most compounds responsible for making the coffee taste bitter and sour. As a result, the coffee you get is smooth and almost sweet.
  • Cold brew coffee is known to be less acidic than regular coffee.
  • In fact, you can even heat up cold brew coffee and drink it hot; it would taste great.
  • You can use any coffee variety to make a cold brew.

How to make Cold Brew Coffee?


  • 1 cup whole coffee beans (113 grams)
  • 4 cups water (907 grams)


  • Coffee or spice grinder (You can also ask your coffee beans to be grounded at the grocery store. You will need them on the coarse setting)
  • 1 1/2 quart glass, ceramic, or plastic container (the container can be larger)
  • Small strainer
  • Cheesecloth or cotton flour sackcloth
  • Bottle or jar, (for storing your cold-brew)


Now that you have your ingredients, let’s go make the magic potion!


  1. Grind the coffee beans on your grinder. You will need to set it on the coarsest setting on your grinder. If you are using a spice grinder, set it on short 1-second pulses.

Your grounds should look coarse (like cornmeal), not like a fine powder. Make sure the grounds are under 1 cup.

  1. Now, transfer the coffee grounds into the container. Pour in water. Stir the mixture to make sure the grounds have mixed completely. You can also close the lid (if your container has one) and shake it till completely saturated.
  2. Cover the jar with a lid or something to protect it from dust or bugs. Leave the coffee to steep for at least 12 hours. You can leave it on the counter or store it in the refrigerator (the timing stays the same).
  3. Take a large measuring cup or bowl. Place a strainer over it. Line the strainer with a cheesecloth or flour sackcloth. Strain the coffee through it.
  4. Pour the coffee into a small bottle or jar and store it in the fridge for up to a week.
  5. When it’s time to serve, dilute the coffee according to your taste. Use water, milk, or half and half. Serve it cold over ice or warm it in the microwave.



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