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As a coffee fan, when Guy from the Decadent Decaf Coffee Company asked me on Twitter if I’d try some of their coffee beans I didn’t hesitate. After all I do love a good cup of proper coffee. How lucky am I.  He very kindly sent sent me 4 bags of their coffee beans to share my thoughts on.

Decadent Decaf Coffee is Europe’s first single origin Swiss Water Decaf coffee company.

Swiss Water Decaf? Now you’re confused.

The Swiss Water Process removes the caffeine without compromising the flavours or taste. And I have to agree with that. It’s also environmentally friendly, chemical-free AND 99.9% caffeine-free. So ultimately you can have that perfect cup of coffee whilst knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment.

When you open a bag of the coffee beans you are instantly hit with that great coffee smell, which some people are often surprised by with decaf coffee. Once the coffee beans are ground (we have a James Martin coffee grinder) you can then add them to a cafetière to make you coffee. Or you could let them sit for a while and infuse your house, whichever takes your fancy!! One tip though, don’t add boiling water straight to the coffee as this can burn the coffee. So let the water stand for a few minutes first.

On to the taste test. You wouldn’t actually taste the difference with these decaf coffee beans. I was sent:

Columbia Medellin (strength 3) – sweet nuttiness

Costa Rica Strictly Hard Bean (strength 4) – subtle chocolate and nutty notes

Indonesia Sumatra (strength 5) – smooth cocoa finish

Signature Espresso Blend (strength 5) – soft cocoa notes

Although I do drink caffeine coffee, I honestly couldn’t wouldn’t have known that there was no caffeine in them. The one difference I did notice is that there is hardly any good quality decaf coffee beans in the supermarkets, yet there is a great choice at Decadent Decaf which taste amazing.

The Indonesia Sumatra was definitely my favourite. It had a really smooth texture, sharp after taste and created a gorgeous strong coffee. Having said that, the Costa Rica bean which is a lower strength seemed perfect after dinner in the evening.

The packaging is really modern too with plenty of information on it including how to store it and prep for your cup of coffee. It also tells you how the bean was grown which is really interesting and tasting the coffee almost takes you to the place it describes. The only thing I did notice is that there was no Fairtrade mark so I assume that they don’t meet all the criteria to have the Fairtrade mark.

Overall I think there is something for everyone and with it being decaf, there is absolutely no difference in the taste. For this reason I’d recommend purchasing the bundle of 6 bags online to give you a range of choice. You can either purchase from their website, Ocado or their Amazon store.

So go on, try some coffee without the caffeine!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I was very kindly sent 4 bags of coffee beans to taste and review. This review is based on my own honest opinion and experience*




November 07, 2017 — Guy Wilmot

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