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I know it has been a very long time since I’ve done a lifestyle related post which is definitely something I’m working on for the future...

Many of you have expressed the need to know more about me so here goes.

In addition to blogging I also have a day job which, as you might have guessed, means a lot of late nights and early mornings.

In that time, coffee and I have become very well acquainted. So much so that I have decided to give you a roundup of some of the best tasting coffee on the market. (And shock horror none of which are from Starbucks).

Can decaf really taste as good as regular coffee?

That is the million dollar question that this post seeks to answer.

Without further ado, lets get into the review of Decadent Decaf...

Decadent Decaf is Europe’s first single origin Swiss Water Decaf coffee company.

The first of their two products I tried was the Ethiopia Sidamo.

It had quite a fruity flavour and an incredible smell. The texture was very smooth and the coffee worked well as a latte.

The effect of which was similar to that of a vanilla coffee. Very light slightly creamy texture.

Great smell. Provides a wonderful alternative for those who want the soft coffee taste without the caffeine. For that reason I am giving this coffee 4 stars .

I’ll admit I was a little disappointed with product number 2, not because of the taste but rather the strength. Being at a strength of 4 I expected a little more umph from the Costa Rica Strictly Hard Bean but the extra kick just wasn’t there. With that being said I do like my coffee quite strong and after tasting the sidamo my expectations may have been a little too high.

Taste wise, this blend was a winner. Despite not being as strong as I would have liked the chocolate tones won me over and I did appreciate the amazing aroma coming from kitchen once the coffee was made.

The strength was not what I had hoped but the coffee has a great taste a wonderful smell and a nice texture so for that reason I am giving it 3 stars.

While I may not be the most qualified in judging whether Decedent Decaf do make the best decaf coffee as they have claimed, I am certainly a believer. This is by far the best decaf I have ever had, so much so that I wouldn’t have believed it was decaf I didn’t already know.

The question remains, is it better than regular coffee?

December 04, 2017 — Guy Wilmot

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