The Allegro Coffee Decaf Organic French Roast is a blend that surprises and satisfies, with its rich and robust flavour profile that stands out even without the caffeine.

Founded in 1977, Allegro Coffee has established itself as a pioneer in the coffee industry, known for its commitment to organic and Fairtrade practices. This particular decaf blend is no exception, offering a strong yet smooth coffee experience that's ideal for daily consumption​​.

V60 Notes:

We were surprised by this decaf – given the roast level – less bitterness and astringency than we expected – very low acidity – but still some both natural and caramelized sweetness.

AeroPress Notes:

Definitely darker and stronger than the Bel Canto and a touch more bitterness, but it has nice round full mouthfeel, classic dark roast smoothness and hazelnut notes, peppery aftertaste and notes of cloves.

The coffee blend is versatile, making it suitable for a variety of brewing methods, including French press and cold brew. The beans, sourced from Whole Foods Market, are noted for their freshness, ensuring a high-quality cup each time.

The Swiss Water Process used for decaffeination preserves the coffee's inherent flavours while removing nearly all the caffeine, making it a great choice for those sensitive to caffeine or looking for an evening cup of coffee​​.

In terms of flavour, the Allegro Decaf Organic French Roast provides a slightly spicy, sweet, and smoky taste. The blend includes both light and dark roast beans, contributing to its complex flavour profile. Despite its dark roast, the coffee exhibits low bitterness and acidity, making it surprisingly smooth with hints of natural and caramelized sweetness​​.

For those who appreciate a darker and stronger coffee, the Allegro Decaf Organic French Roast offers a fuller mouthfeel compared to other decaf options, with a classic dark roast smoothness. The notes of hazelnut, pepper, and cloves add depth to the coffee, enhancing its appeal​​.

Allegro Coffee's commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability is evident in their use of organic, Fair Trade Certified beans. This dedication not only ensures the quality of the coffee but also supports the well-being of coffee farmers and the planet​​.

Overall, the Allegro Coffee Decaf Organic French Roast is a testament to the company's expertise in crafting exceptional decaf coffee that doesn't compromise on taste or quality. Whether enjoyed in a V60 pour-over or an AeroPress, this decaf blend delivers a satisfying coffee experience that's both strong and nuanced, perfect for those seeking a robust yet smooth decaf option​​​​.

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Allegro Coffee Organic Decaf French Roast


February 29, 2024 — Guy Wilmot

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