The Kicking Horse Organic Decaf Coffee, celebrated for its bold and rich dark roast profile, indeed stands out in the decaf market for its quality and depth. It undergoes the Swiss Water Process for decaffeination, ensuring that the coffee is decaffeinated without the use of chemicals, retaining its deep, dark flavours and making it a healthier choice for those sensitive to caffeine or looking for a late-night cup​​.

This coffee is 100% certified organic, fairtrade, kosher, and made from shade-grown Arabica beans, reflecting Kicking Horse's commitment to ethical and sustainable coffee production characterized by a deep chocolate aroma with notes of roasted hazelnuts and a balanced, chocolaty body. The finish is long-lasting, making each sip as memorable as the last​​.

Aeropress Brewing Notes:

The coffee’s robust profile makes it particularly well-suited for an AeroPress, offering a richer experience with a surprising lack of bitterness, and notes of tobacco, dark chocolate, and a lingering sweetness akin to prunes.

V60 Brewing Notes:

For V60 brewing, it maintains a strong and malty character with smoky and fruity undertones, although it tends towards a more one-dimensional profile compared to its AeroPress performance​​.Despite being a decaf, it doesn't compromise on flavour, delivering a rich and enjoyable coffee experience.

For those looking to explore the rich flavours of Kicking Horse Organic Decaf Coffee without the caffeine, it's an excellent choice. Its quality, combined with the ethical and sustainable approach of Kicking Horse Coffee, makes it a commendable option for coffee enthusiasts.

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Kicking Horse Organic Swiss Water Decaf Coffee


February 29, 2024 — Guy Wilmot

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