So our friends at Swiss Water Decaf opened a pop up in the heart of New York City and guess what happened…?

At first, consternation, surprise, confusion…why would you drink coffee without caffeine?

The "coffee as art" concept starts outside the building, which has been lavishly decorated with vivid, ground-to-eave, coffee-themed murals by famed Chilean street artist Dasic Fernandez. Inside, the coffee motif continues via a specially commissioned series of colorful, large-scale paintings depicting coffee's journey from origin to cup. Music, both curated by local djs and performed live at two evening events, will play from morning to night.

In short, twitter and the media was awash with chatter about decaf. We commend Swiss Water Decaf on opening up the conversation to the public in such a cool way and quickly it’s getting fans who never thought they’d be drinking decaf. Swiss Water's amazing coffee without caffeine anchors the full sensory experience, with visitors invited to enjoy super-premium coffees from around the world. Coffees from Ethiopia, Panama and Guatemala will be prepared and served in traditional styles, such as drip, as well as in newer forms like aeropress, siphon and nitro cold brew, a creamy, stout-like coffee that's best enjoyed iced cold and very black. Because they are all 99.9% caffeine free, patrons can try as many types of coffee as they want, without becoming over-caffeinated.

This pop up demonstrates everything that Decadent Decaf has been banging on about. Decaf coffee can be amazing tasting if it’s high quality. Just like wine – you can buy the discounted dregs or the finest known to man – and the palate can tell. Swiss Water's amazing coffee without caffeine will anchor the full sensory experience, with visitors invited to enjoy super-premium coffees from around the world.

This event is a celebration of our passion, as well as a way for Swiss Water Decaf to share their love and knowledge of coffee without caffeine both with other coffee fanatics and the coffee-curious. This is definitely decaffeinated coffee like you've never tasted before and we hope many people will accept Swiss Water Decaf’s invitation to come try it for themselves. It’s still open until 8 November 2015, so check it out!:) The Swiss Water Coffee Studio is located at 300 Lafayette Street, New York. It will be open to the public October 30th to November 8th from 11 am to 10:30 pm each day. Admission is free.

November 05, 2015 — Gary Carruthers

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