Decaf is the poor victim of jokes, abuse and ridicule symbolised by the famous “death before decaf” t-shirts. Where did all this hatred come from? You don’t have tweeters berating mint tea or hot chocolate, but it’s open season for decaf any day of the week. But, perhaps it originates from the fact that decaf has long been horrible – limp, insipid, weak, stale, cheap. We wouldn’t drink half the decaf that’s out there on the market either.

That’s why we created Decadent Decaf Coffee Company. The clue’s in the name. We knew that there were high quality single origin decafs out there using the finest new crop beans, not the sweepings, but they cost more and they used more expensive decaffeination processes, so that’s why roasters were less inclined to use them because many consumers still expected to pay the same for their classic cup of Joe. But, not DDCC.

We’re leading the charge to changes hearts and minds about decaffeinated coffee one cup of coffee at a time. So, if you do try our decaf, you’ll be amazed at the depth of flavour. It’s all about the flavour for us. But…on the other hand, having said all this, we do like some of the anti-decaf tweets  - their hilarious and creative.

Here’s our top ten of anti-decaf rants on twitter:

  • @Comfortablysmug - Never date anyone who drinks decaf because it's impossible for them to love you if they don't love themselves.
  • @itsblondieagain - Rub my feet or your coffee will be decaf tomorrow.
  • @sweetg35 - Decaf coffee is just as bad as fun size candy.
  • @juniperjesus - Decaf is politically correct coffee.
  • @vagtalk - The bubonic plague was the grande decaf iced soy chai of the Middle Ages.
  • @elliezerossa - The only thing I'm scared of is decaf coffee
  • @jstare - Do you ever wonder what your purpose is in life? I imagine that must be what it feels like to be decaf coffee.
  • @sweetbabyjay - Today at the diner one of my fellow regulars ordered decaf. I managed not to flinch. I think it's important to note my progress.
  • @thedailyshmuck - Top Five Creepy Things: 5) Dark and stormy nights 4) Spiders  3) Cars with eyelashes 2) Decaf drinkers 1) People who take one bite of cake
  • @edparnell - Bought some coffee from a well known supermarket. Own brand. Decaf. Pretty sure it's just painted compost. 
Twitter ranters – we salute you! Keep em coming! In the meantime, for those who want to drink great decaf, come to us at Decadent Decaf.
October 18, 2015 — Gary Carruthers
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