The phrase 'death before decaf' is all too familiar. Decadent Decaf Coffee Co is on a path to change the way decaf is seen, we are giving decaf a new face and taste. The technology and quality has changed and decaf is no longer the ugly sister of coffee and we want to spread the word.

To help us, we contacted a few bloggers and asked them to review some of our coffee. We have started hearing back from some of these bloggers and we couldn't be more excited! We are getting some great feedback from food bloggers, coffee bloggers and special dietary bloggers. Take a look at some of the things they said.

Beans Ahoy:

"I will start by saying, if you are going to drink decaf then this is pretty good. and while I don’t rank it with top end speciality coffee there is no doubt that it is miles ahead of regular decaf."

Pete Drinks: rel="nofollow"

"It’s a little on the weak side for my tastes, but no worse than any other medium roasted Kenyan coffee. Certainly the lack of caffeine doesn’t show at all, and as someone who probably drinks more caffeinated coffee than is healthy, I shall definitely have to try some of their stronger roasts."


"Full of cocoa-y flavour with strong aroma, it’s a good one for when you want that coffee fix but can’t do the caffeine."

Nutmegs, Seven:

" I tried the Kenyan AA blend (the range comprises Indonesian, Costa Rican and Ethiopian coffee too), and although I don't normally like cafetiere coffee (I prefer espresso), a cafetiere of this was rather delicious, full-bodied and rich with none of that sad, watery flatness you sometimes get with decaf coffee. I'd be keen to see how the espresso blend compares to a normal espresso, too. Let's hope coffee shops around the country start serving this to fellow caffeine-avoiders like myself."

Thank you all who contributed to giving us feedback. We appreciate your thoughts!

July 14, 2014 — Gary Carruthers

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