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  1. Quick delivery and lovely decaf coffee.Thanks
    Written on 15 September 2019
  2. Excellent service. My order was received much sooner than I had expected. I fully expect to use Decadent Decaf Coffee again.
    Written on 14 September 2019
  3. Almost immediate dispatch of excellent decaf coffee. Nothing could be improved!
    Written on 12 September 2019
  4. I have bought off this company for some time now .The coffee Is excellent, if you want decaf this must come very close to the best you can get. I have had no problems with delivery usually within two days of ordering but it has never gone past three days.
    Written on 24 August 2019
  5. Excellent service and delicious coffee as always. Coffee arrived the day after I placed the order, which was unexpectedly quick :-). Looking forward to trying the new variety.
    Written on 13 August 2019
  6. Very quick delivery
    Written on 8 August 2019
  7. An excellent, efficient and cooperative company. Coffee is superb and the best on the market. I asked for a speedy delivery as we were going away and the reply was quick, even though it was the weekend, and the parcel of coffee arrived promptly two days later. Not the cheapest coffee on the market and certainly worth the money and the service.
    Written on 8 August 2019
  8. Very efficient, better range of decaf whole bean coffee than anywhere else I have found
    Written on 5 August 2019
  9. excellent coffee excellent delivery speed
    Written on 4 August 2019
  10. Great coffee and great customer service. Thank you
    Written on 30 July 2019
  11. Mass was unclear
    Written on 15 July 2019
  12. Parcel went missing. Replaced and delivered quickly
    Written on 1 July 2019
  13. Perfect decaf!
    Written on 29 June 2019
  14. This coffee is expensive but VERY tasty and has cheered me up immensely once I admitted to myself that caffeine doesn’t agree with me. THANK YOU for finding such flavoursome beans! Ordering is easy and my deliveries always arrive shortly afterwards.
    Written on 19 June 2019
  15. Delicious coffee, very prompt delivery. Best decaf coffee I’ve ever had :-)
    Written on 13 June 2019
  16. Used before - reliable - fast service - nice coffee.
    Written on 11 June 2019
  17. Great choice of coffee beans and I found the descriptions very helpful. Love the packaging and delivery is very speedy. Delighted to have found this company.
    Written on 9 June 2019
  18. Great quick service, and very good quality decaf coffee - much better than others I've tried - they don't over-roast the beans, and I can taste the difference between each variety.
    Written on 6 June 2019
  19. the coffee is good, and arrived quickly,but I was never given a way to track my shipment.
  20. Great
    Written on 31 May 2019
  21. I have always found the company totally reliable re a quick delivery and I love the coffee I buy from them. I go for the blend of the whole beans and it has a superb taste. I wouldn't buy any other coffee now!
    Written on 29 May 2019
  22. Great coffee great service as always
    Written on 28 May 2019
  23. Great tasting coffee thats also decaf
    Written on 27 May 2019
  24. I bought the six pack, it arrived promptly and was well packaged. What more could I want? I have not yet had sufficient time to taste all the coffees but I have high hopes for an enjoyable tasting test.
    Written on 23 May 2019
  25. These guys are just brilliant. Delicious decaf coffee and awesome customer service. I recommend them to everyone who mentions decaf coffee, because they're the best!
    Written on 1 May 2019
  26. Great coffee, excellent service
    Written on 29 April 2019
  27. Fast delivery and excellent coffee.
    Written on 22 April 2019
  28. Fantastic efficiency. Ordered late Friday pm with coffee delivered Monday am. Not tried product yet and will review subsequently. So far, an impressive start.
    Written on 9 April 2019
September 20, 2019 — Guy Wilmot

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