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How is decaf coffee called in Europe?

For all those decaffeinated jetsetters (yes, we exist!) out there, here is a rundown of how decaffeinated coffee is called around Europe:

In Greece...

Ντεκαφεϊνέ  prononounced dekafeiné

Officially, it's καφές δίχως  pronounced kafés díkhos

You'll also hear it simply called decáf in Cyprus.

In Spain...

If you order a café descafeinado de sobre, you’ll receive a cup of hot milk and a packet of instant decaffeinated coffee.

Descafeinado de máquina means real coffee and translates as machine-brewed decaffeinated coffee).

If you'd like, for example,  a decaffeinated americano, say:  Querría un café americano descafeinado.

In France...

For decaffeinated coffee, simply add the word déca to your order, so for example, un café déca, un café américain déca, and soforth.

In Italy...

You can simply say decaffeinato, but Caffè Hag is also used to describe decaff coffee. This is because Hag is the name of the largest producer of Italian decaf coffee and that's the way you'll see it on many bar menu boards. You'll sometimes hear Italians call this "dek" – short for decaf coffee.

In Germany...

German is nice and simple when it comes to decaf coffee. It's either caffeine-free which means koffeinfrei or der entkoffeinierter kaffee, which means decaffeinated coffee.





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