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My decadent cup of coffee

Arriving in England, many years ago, I thought a cup of coffee would be nice. It was the vilest stuff ever to pass my lips and was immediately, and harshly, discharged from my mouth. The English just could not produce or make coffee. It's taken them a few decades and things have changed to the better, somewhat. However, I now drink decaf and it's mostly the same yucky garbage as 40 years ago - until now.

After the extremely nasty infection at the San Fermin in 2105, normal coffee is off the menu Sad. Since then, searching for a decent tasting decaf, has been a major hassle. I should mention that I have a very sensitive palate, so am not your normal type of person when it comes to taste. There are a lot of foods I just will not eat and coffees that will never be on my shelf or inside a container in my backpack. One of the types I like is Kenya coffee and there are a couple of brands (one was a real surprise) that are quite nice, but no decaf Kenya.

The decaffeination process takes away a lot of the flavor as well as the caffeine. In Europe for a coffee to have the word decaffeinated on the label, it must be 99% caffeine free.

Many people are into Espresso, but let's face it, the stuff is so strong that it kills the flavor. I want to taste it, not get stoned. It's like coffee has become another drug and Espresso bars are the Pushers. I prefer filtered coffee, without the oily taste.

Then someone said, "Try Decadent's one". So I did.

Enter the Decadent Decaf Coffee Company (D2C2 ?!)

After obtaining a bag of D2C2 Kenya AA, I headed for the kitchen, to prepare a cup. Thoughts went through my mind like, "Will it be as C****'s, taste like reheated engine oil and make me barf again? It smells okay though, hmmm..."

I put some into the coffee maker, decided not to stand there waiting and wandered back to my computer. One thing needed, is a means of securing the bag after opening. I used an old Starbucks wired bendy clip to hold my Kenya AA shut, before putting it into the refrigerator. The Shshtloop2 finally sounded, announcing the end of the process. I returned to the kitchen and removed my cup from under the unit.

The first sip, a second bigger one, the third (resulting in a grin) and then I revelled in the experience of it all.

This stuff is NICE!

The Kenya flavor came through, not strong, but refreshing. Yeah! I like it. I'm gonna get me the six pack and see what their other blends are like.

D2C2 make, at present, six different blends of decaf: Ethiopia Sidamo, Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling, Costa Rica Strictly Hard Bean, Signature Espresso Blend, Colombia Medelli and Kenya AA. They are sold as: whole bean, two different grinds or raw bean (to roast your own). So you have a lot of choice from just one company.

This is the first single origin, Swiss Water method* decaf coffee company in the European area and are located in the UK. Visit their website at: Decadent Decaf Coffee Company, where you can order from.

* The Swiss Water method produces a 99.9% caffeine free solution, with a lot of flavor.

January 27, 2017 — Guy Wilmot


Carolyn Fishack said:

I am disappointed that my local grocery stores don’t carry this delicious decaf coffee. At 90 I’m a bit confined but I’ll work it out. Thanks.

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