Colombia Cauca Valley – Sugarcane Decaf – Strength 3

£7.49 GPB

Decaf Coffee Cupping Notes

This Colombian decaf sets itself apart from the rest of our coffees as it's our first Sugarcane Process decaffeinated coffee - a gentle process of applying spring water and natural Ethyl Acetate, found in sugarcane, to remove the caffeine in coffee beans. 

This beautiful coffee is grown in the Cauca Valley, where it is surrounded by natural springs, and grown in volcanic soil at an elevation of around 1750m. The result is a top-notch coffee with plenty of light nuttiness, the sweet taste of dried cherries and notes of chocolate and caramel with low acidity and pleasant medium body. 

Strength 3.

Arabica Coffee Varieties: Caturra, Castillo

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