We noticed a spike in traffic and sales yesterday, but attributed to nothing much, but that we were just roasting great decaf...until...a friend whatsapped and said "have you seen the Guardian article?"

What a wonderful surprise to be featured in the Guardian in their piece, "The Rise of Decaf: Why are people giving up the jittery fun of coffee?" as follows:

'Decadent Decaf Coffee Company’s Indonesian Sumatra: “Only a pro coffee taster would be able to tell the difference between this and a normal coffee.”'

You can check out the whole article here.

Tis praise indeed from the Guardian and we're thrilled to be featured - particularly as we had no idea about it!

We really do love decaf over here at Decadent Decaf - and it's one of the reasons that we actively chose to only roasts six decafs - no specials - so that we could do our best at six things rather than do ok on a larger range of decafs.

And that way, having only 6 decafs, we have no stale decaf waiting on the shelf - it all goes out the door as soon as it's roasted...

To our new customers trying out our decafs for the first time, we hope you like it and please get in touch if you have any comments - the good, the bad or the ugly!

Best wishes,

Guy, Richard, Laura, Greg and the Decadent Decaf Team


April 16, 2019 — Guy Wilmot

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