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Hey guys! So, since starting this blog I have been on a journey to find replacements for caffeinated tea and coffee. I have been lucky to review some delicious products and was thrilled to see Decadent Decaf were looking for bloggers to try their products.

Now, I usually try not to drink a lot of coffee because it can make me shake and my anxiety seems to go crazy but I was really excited to try decaf coffee to see what affect it had on me.

I received the two packages within a few days. The packaging was simple but effective and the flavours looked extremely tasty. One was ‘Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling Swiss Water Decaf’ and the other one was called ‘Kenya AA Swiss Water Decaf Decaffeinated’. They both sounded delicious!

You could smell the richness of the coffee through the bag, they smelt very sweet, especially the Kenya coffee. Funny story, I was offered whole bean or granules and without thinking I chose whole bean. I didn’t have a grinder (face palm). So I ended up buying a cheap coffee hand grinder online and I also had my friend grind beans in his machine. Silly me.

My colleagues and I tried the Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling coffee first. It tasted sweet and had a very rich flavour, so much so that you almost forget it is decaf. I didn’t shake, it was nice to be able to just enjoy a nice coffee without worrying about my anxiety. We then tried the Kenya AA coffee. This was much sweeter compared to the Indonesia one, however, I still enjoyed it.

I like Decadent Decaf a lot because of the different flavours they provide and the decaffeination process is different: ‘The decaffeination process, such as the Swiss Water Process, gently removes the caffeine and leaves the coffee flavours in the bean.’

If you are a coffee fan and you are looking for a decaf alternative definitely check these guys out as you will not be disappointed.

April 26, 2017 — Guy Wilmot

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