Decadedent Decaf Coffee Co. are thrilled to announce that we are the winner of two awards and the Great Taste Awards 2015. 

What are the Great Taste Awards?

The Great Taste Awards (GTA) were established in 1994 and, since then, it has grown every year to become the world’s largest food and drink award.

The products entered in to the GTA’s are blind tested by a mix of judges who are food writers, chefs, deli owners, retail buyers and all with a passion for quality food. The beauty of such a diverse panel of judges is that the products are fairly judge based on different perspectives on quality food and drink products.

This year Decadent Decaf walked away with two wins at the Great Taste Awards. Both our Kenya AA and our Signature Espresso Blend received a Gold Star award each. This is no mean feat as only one other decaf coffee won in the entire competition.

Furthermore, the Great Taste Awards get tougher each year as more companies enter products for the respected competition. In 2015 over 400 judges came together on 49 judging days from March through to July to award winners to genuine food people who care about the quality of food and drink they produce. So, this year, producers entered over 10,000 products with only 130 foods achieving the highest and most coveted rating, three stars, 597 foods grabbing 2 stars and 2382 foods awarded a 1 star. That means only 31% of entries were accredited with a star and all the food and drink submitted is top quality, so it really is tough and independent.

Our Award Winners

Our Swiss Water Decaf Kenya AA received the following review by the GTA judges:

“This is a highly proficient decaf coffee which has maintained a large degree of the profiles of a Kenyan coffee along with faint elements of dark berries, peanut and slight notes of smoked wood. The overall balance is good with a rounded mouthfeel.”

Grown north of Nairobi on the slopes of Mount Kenya, up to 2100 metres, this top AA grade coffee is the best known Kenyan decaf coffee. Kenya AA’s two annual harvests yield a coffee with exceptional brightness and a rich wine-like cup with hints of currants in a balanced, medium bodied Arabica coffee. This is very much a vibrant decaffeinated Kenya coffee that lights up the palate and pleasantly lingers in the mouth.

And our Swiss Water Decaf Signature Espresso Blend received the following comments:

“Clean, fresh espresso with a thin body. A jammy sweetness and a bright, but subtle acidity.”

We are very proud of our signature espresso blend. What makes this blend stand out is that it packs a flavourful punch and produces a great créma. The old-fashioned approach to decaf espresso was to take whatever you had lying around. Not this blend. It is a labour of love combining beans from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Rwanda. This espresso blend produces a creamy and rich cup, silky mouthfeel and soft cocoa notes.

We look forward to entering more products next year to these awards and hopefully walk away with even more Great Taste Awards to display proudly!


August 24, 2015 — Gary Carruthers

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