Variety Decaf - Subscriber Option - A Different Decaf Coffee Each Time

£8.59 GPB

Variety is the spice of life!

For Subscribers - by popular demand, we're offering a different Swiss Water Decaf Coffee each time and it works like this:

a) Choose this option and subscribe ( and save 10%!). If you just choose the one-off option, then the coffee of the month will be delivered to you and that's it. This option is really geared to subscribers who've request this option (we do listen).

b) Choose what you want e.g 1 bag a month, 2 bags every we 2 weeks, 4 bags every 2 months, whatever you'd like.

c) We will then despatch a different Swiss Water Decaf each time based on the following timetable during each month:

January: Guest Coffee

February: Costa Rica SHB

March: Signature Espresso 

April: Colombia Medellin

May: Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling

June: Guatemala

July: Ethiopia Sidamo

August: Guest Coffee

September: Signature Espresso 

October: Brazil 

November: Light Roast Colombia Medellin

December: Dark Roast Blend

Please note that cancellation of a subscription needs to be done 3 days prior to the selected fulfilment date. This can be done either by email or by logging into your account.