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How much caffeine is in coffee?

How much Caffeine do different Coffee Drinks have?


The amount of caffeine in a drink depends on which type of coffee drink you prefer. Some require a lot of caffeine while others, not so much. Whether Brewed, Espresso, Instant, or Decaf, the amount of caffeine would vary.


An 8-ounce Brewed coffee would contain 96 mg of caffeine whereas a decaf version would contain 2 mg.


Instant coffee, though less strong, also contains an ample amount of caffeine. An 8-ounce cup of instant coffee has 62 mg of caffeine. A decaf instant cup of coffee would, however, would also be sold at 2 mg.


 Espresso is usually a strong caffeinated beverage and is sold at a much smaller portion. A 1-ounce espresso has 64 mg caffeine. However, decaffeinated espresso has almost no caffeine.


What Affects Caffeine Content in Coffee?

The caffeine content depends on what type of coffee beans are being used. Different coffee beans have different caffeine content.

If the coffee beans are lightly roasted then the caffeine content would naturally be higher than thoroughly roasted coffee beans. Lastly, the size of the drink also affects the caffeine content. The amount of caffeine in coffee largely depends on the type of drink that you are consuming.


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