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Decadent Decaf features in Swiss Water Decaf's Roaster Spotlight

Decadent Decaf Coffee Company is honoured and thrilled to feature in Swiss Water Decaf's very own Roaster Spotlight:

The article is reproduced here:

We’ve done a quite few spotlights of our decaf roaster partners in recent months, which has given us an opportunity to say “thank you” and shine a light on some of the great work roasters around the world are doing with our decaf. This month, we’re here with an even bigger debt of gratitude to our partners Decadent Decaf Coffee Company in the UK. Not just because they do a wonderful job with Swiss Water decaf coffees—but because they specialize in it exclusively!

The team at Decadent Decaf were on the vanguard of what is now a growing (and awesome) decaf-only roaster movement. Specializing in decaf was a niche that founder Guy Wilmot was drawn to a few years into his work in the coffee industry.

“I checked out the Swiss Water Decaf booth at the SCAE World of Coffee trade show in Vienna back in 2012 and started cupping some of their decafs. I was really surprised and amazed. Up until that point, I very rarely drank decaf and after that I started exploring and trying various decaf coffee processes, but kept on coming back to Swiss Water for its consistency and flavour,” says Wilmot. “I spotted a gap in the market. No one was loving decaf back then.”

Today, Decadent Decaf offers a wide range of chemical-free decaffeinated coffees to a set of loyal and new customers alike. Wilmot says their goal is to make sure people can always find their favourite decaffeinated coffee—and find it fresh.

“[We’re] a little different from other roasters in that we try to have the same Swiss Water Decafs all year round and do not like to chop and change our coffees,” says Wilmot. “We have a lot of regular customers, and once they’ve chosen the origin they like, they’re happy with that. It also means that by having say 6 or 7 decafs, we don’t have any stale coffee and it goes out the door to customers each week. I think it’s a winning formula!”

Most of all, says Wilmot, customers prioritize the clean, chemical-free process that Swiss Water is built on.

“The Swiss Water Process as a brand is all about no chemicals, the water process and almost no caffeine. To me, the most crucial factor was reassuring the public that decaffeinated coffee was absolutely safe to drink and that’s the reason I chose Swiss Water Decaf first and foremost,” he says.

If you’d like to try Guy’s current favourite, he’s in love with the Guatemala Acatenango right now, which he says is a gorgeous coffee: “sweet, aromatic and well-balanced with notes of blood orange, raisins and milk chocolate.”

Don’t mind if we do!

Decadent Decaf Coffee Co. ships their coffees anywhere in the world, and also offers subscriptions. See their webstore for their current offer list.

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