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Can decaf coffee help fight cellulite and does caffeine cause cellulite?

As we understand it, the key to preventing and reducing cellulite is to keep your fibre content consumption high and be well hydrated, but at the same time, have a calorie controlled diet and consume certain phytochemicals that boost circulation, act as antioxidants, fight fat accumulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen production.

So, can Swiss Water Decaf coffee be part of the solution to help reduce or prevent cellulite?

The answer is potentially yes – as part of a balanced diet with plenty of water.

Decaffeinated coffee, along decaf green tea, contain a huge amount of antioxidants per gram, so they’re like liquid superfoods.

But, surely, caffeinated coffee is the same?

That’s true, caffeinated coffee also has bountiful amounts of antioxidants, but the key is the antioxidants – not the caffeine.

So, there’s only a limited amount of caffeine you should consume every day, hence why Swiss Water decaf coffee is the best way to feature in a cellulite fighting diet – along with at least 2 litres of water.

There is also some evidence to suggest the caffeine may actually contribute to cellulite by increasing the stress hormone cortisol and, as a diuretic, contributing to water retention. But, much like most things, it’s a lot about moderation of caffeine intake.

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