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How to make the Perfect Cup of Decaf Coffee

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Decaffeinated Coffee

The more coffees you try, the more you realise how diverse and varied their flavours can be.

Much the same as with wine, a coffee's 'terroir' dictates key characteristics in terms of taste, flavour, texture, sweetness, body, acidity and smoothness of the cup.

To drink decaf coffee at its very best, a few basic principles should be followed as follows:

Coffee Storage

There are many, many theories out there - none of which are supported by scientific fact.

Keep your Schweizer-Wasser-Methode entkoffeiniert coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place. It is that simple.

Can you freeze coffee?

The jury's out on whether it keeps coffee fresher for longer, but it seems the industry is erring towards freezing coffee beans as a method to extend optimum shelf life. We think more real research needs to take place to be sure.

Yes, you can freeze coffee beans (but not ground coffee) - as long as it's unopened.

Once you open the bag, defrost all the beans, then grind as you wish. 

Do not grind the beans if they're still frozen!

Coffee Preparation

To prepare and serve coffee properly, once again, keep it simple:

Bonus Tip

If you can get a grinder, preferably any burr grinder (e.g. Krups or Delonghi have good affordable home grinders), this will make the biggest difference to your decaf taste. If you can grind once a week, this will produce the best results.

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Of course, if you can grind your decaf beans every day, that would be even better, but we don't always have the time, do we?

That's it. Enjoy your perfect cup of decaffeinated coffee!