As ever, here at Decadent Decaf Coffee Company, we try to keep abreast of the flood of research on coffee and this is the latest on how decaffeinated coffee can help prevent heart disease.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association recently, three cups of coffee a day clears out your arteries – whether it’s caffeinated or decaffeinated.

So, about the study itself, it took place at the University of Sao Paulo and involved 4,400 people as part of the research. The researchers took dietary information and Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) readings from all 4,400 study participants – nearly all of whom drank coffee.

They then analysed if there was a correlation between coffee consumption and lower calcium deposits in arteries and the results were as follows:

  • They found those who drank larger amounts of coffee had a lower CAC reading - meaning they had less calcium deposits in their arteries allowing for better blood flow.
  • There was a clear correlation between coffee consumption and lower calcium deposits, but less effective over 3 cups a day.
  • Researchers suggested to limit the intake to three cups a day for optimum effects on preventing heart disease.
  • Decaffeinated coffee has a similar impact to the standard version, suggesting the caffeine is not responsible for health benefits on preventing heart disease

The Author of the Study, Andreia Miranda, said:

“Other studies have already shown that excessive consumption of this beverage may not bring health benefits. In our research, we found that habitual consumption of more than three cups a day of coffee decreased odds of coronary calcification.



April 07, 2018 — Guy Wilmot

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