A quick little message to say that our Great Taste Award Winner Kenyan Swiss Water Decaf is back in store after 18 months.


We ran out of Kenyan and couldn't source any more. It was globally out of stock. We did our best to source it, but no luck...


Now, Swiss Water Decaf have produced a new batch of Kenyan Decaf and we've secured the lions share for Europe at great expense!


Kenyan Swiss Water Decaf is worth the wait and the expense (it's a little more expensive)...


Cupping Notes

Grown north of Nairobi on the slopes of Mount Kenya, up to 2100 metres, this is the best known Kenyan decaf coffee.


Kenya AA’s two annual harvests yield a coffee with exceptional brightness and a rich wine-like cup with hints of currants in a balanced, medium bodied Arabica coffee.


This is very much a vibrant decaffeinated Kenya coffee that lights up the palate and pleasantly lingers in the mouth.


Buy Kenyan Decaf, by visiting:




Please feel free to get in touch with feedback on the Kenyan. We're very pleased to have it back.

Januar 07, 2017 — Guy Wilmot


Alex kuto:

I can’t find decaf coffee in supermarket here at eldoret.. What can make me identify decaffeinated coffee?

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