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Introducing our new origin - Guatemala Acatenango Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

Kenya AA is dead! Long live Guatemala Acatenango!

Yes, we were sad to say goodbye to Kenya AA, but alas alack Swiss Water is not decaffeinating this origin for the time being.

So, we've long been on the hunt for a worthy replacement...

Step up please, Guatemala Acatenango Swiss Water Decaf Coffee!

A small nation that proudly punches above its weight in the coffee world, Guatemala is rightly home to some reliably fantastic coffee growing regions.

Grown cooperatively in the Acatenango region directly in the shadow of the Volcan de Fuego, Acatenango benefits from the fertile volcanic soil and drainage, but also risks the danger of eruptions as witnessed in 2018.

As a washed Arabica coffee grown at altitudes up to 1830 metres, Guatemala Acatenango encompasses those classic Guatemalan traits - most notably being a sweet, aromatic and well balanced coffee with notes of blood orange, raisins and milk chocolate.

Any of you who follows Decadent Decaf will notice that our origins almost never change. This contrasts with most roasteries that do one-offs, limited editions, specials etc.

We take the opposite approach and try to guarantee supplies all year round for 6 great decafs - no easy task.

So, we hope that Guatemala will be here for a long time to come. We'll definitely do our best to keep supplies coming.

Decadent Decaf Coffee Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf Decaffeinated Coffee



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