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Guaranteed Christmas Delivery Date & Opening Hours

First of all, we wish all of our Decaf Diehards a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Amongst the chaos and doom and gloom, we can still enjoy a very satisfying cup of single origin Swiss Water Decaf coffee...!

For guaranteed Christmas delivery, please order by Thursday 19 December, though we will keep roasting and shipping until 23 December. 

Then, we're closed between Christmas and New Year and recommence roasting and packing on 2 January 2020. Any orders between Christmas and New Year will be processed after 2 January (pls allow some time as there will be a backlog).

Best wishes,

Guy, Richard, Greg and Laura


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Apr 19, 2020 • Posted by Laura

Hi – if I take out a subscription, do I have to pay £3.99 postage for each time? I was hoping to buy a subscription for 6 months as a gift, with one coffee a month, but this would be an additional £24 on top – is this correct?


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