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Decadent Decaf in the News...

We were delighted to feature on's excellent article on decaf coffee entitled:

"Why do we hate decaf so much?"

Rebecca Jennings of Vox wrote a length analysis about decaf and why it wasn't trendy....yet.

Indeed, by the end of the article, the conclusion points to decaffeinated coffee being on the cusp of popularity amongst trendsetters. 

Decaffeinated coffee tallies with other trends like cutting down on alcohol, the rise of vegetarianism and veganism as a mainstream movement, and the popularity of mindfulness.

Watch this space....Decaf's time is coming!

In the meantime, those of who you are enjoying our finest Swiss Water Decaf coffees right now can feel safe in the knowledge that they are way ahead of the curve in front of all those hip millennials!

Yes, Decadent Decaf Coffee Company was singled out as the decaf coffee outlier in Europe and we look forward to serving more decaf coffee aficionados wherever you are in the world!

You can read the full article on Vox here: 



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