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How much caffeine in tea?

This is an often asked question:

How much caffeine is found in tea?

Well, the answer is that the amount of caffeine in tea depends on the type of tea, such as white tea, green tea and black tea, which all have different quantities of caffeine, as well as how long you steep it and what temperature you choose. 

So, let's break that down. The caffeine level of tea depends on:

- Tea processing method (black tea, green tea, white tea) - All tea is extracted from the same tea plant, also called camellia Sinensis, but the caffeine level depends on the processing method and even the time of harvesting because there can be difference in the oxidation level of the tea. 

- How long the tea is brewed for - obvious really, but the longer you steep the tea, the more caffeine will be absorbed into the tea that you drink. For example,  if you brew black tea for one minute, it will have 40 mg of caffeine. But, if you brew it for 3 minutes, the quantity of caffeine will rise to 60 mg.

- At what temperature the tea is brewed at - the higher the temperature when the tea is brewed will result in a higher extraction rate of caffeine into the tea, because the higher temperatures cause the molecules to move faster and transfer more caffeine over from the tea leaf to the tea.

Here is a tabular representation of the quantity of caffeine in different forms of tea.


Tea Type

Quantity of caffeine in milligrams (mg)

Black Tea

47 to 90 mg

Green Tea

20 to 45 mg

White Tea

6 to 60 mg

Yerba Mate Tea

85 mg

Matcha Tea

35 to 40 mg


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